List of Apps I use from F-Droid

My F-droid app selections

F-Droid is a store for free and open source applications. Here are some of the apps from F-droid that I use daily.


Flashdim is a cool flashlight app with neat features. One of it’s features is that it can convert text to morse code. On supported devices running Android 13, you can also dim the flashlight.


I use Seal all the time. You can use Seal to download videos and audio from websites supported by yt-dlp. The app is easy to use and is based on Material Design 3. It has a ton of features like trimming video, converting the video/audio to another format, downloading subtitles and thumbnails of video and so on. I use it mostly to download videos from YouTube and Reddit.


I have been looking to replace Shazam for the longest and Audile is the answer to it. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the app worked and it exceeded my expectations. Audile also displays useful metadata and displays links to various streaming services after recognizing a song.

Next Player

Next Player is basically a video player. The app has a clean and simple interface. Now, the app is not as feature packed as VLC media player but Next Player gets the job done quite well.


KDEConnect is my favorite app on the list. It is a great app for integrating your smartphone with your computer. You can send and receive files to and from your computer, use your phone as a trackpad or presentation remote, synchronize notifications, clipboard and contacts from your phone, control media and so much more. If you are using GNU/Linux, then you can even run commands from your phone - I can shutdown my laptop just by using my phone.


Bitwarden is an open source password manager. The mobile app is not on the main F-droid repository due to a technical limitation but is hosted on a custom repository which can be added to your F-droid app.


Prior to using Aegis, I used Authy for storing my TOTP tokens. What I loved about Authy at the time was it’s cloud sync feature. Later, I found Aegis while casually scrolling Reddit and let me tell you Authy comes nowhere close to how good Aegis is. The app has a lot of features, is open source and you can import and export your Aegis vault and even create backups. I am planning to write a detailed blog post on why Authy sucks.


Tusky is my preferred client app for Mastodon. If you don’t know what Mastodon is, I highly recommend you to check it out. Yes, the official Mastodon app is good but I just can’t get myself to stick with the official app.

Simple Keyboard

If you look through Google Play and F-droid, you can find keyboards with a lot of features like GIF integration, sticker generation, etc. Simple keyboard is basically the opposite to this. It is a keyboard and nothing more. No emojis, no spell checker and no extra features.

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