Apps I use to stream music

List of Apps I use to listen to music

I listen to music all the time and here are the apps that I use to listen to and discover music.


Rimusic is a a great privacy-friendly app to stream music. It streams songs from YouTube Music without ads and is a fork of the awesome ViMusic app. It has a ton of features and is extremely customisable. You can download songs and the app even automatically caches songs. Rimusic also supports displaying lyrics for songs.

The app also has a ‘For You’ section that recommends songs according to your listening history. It works okay but isn’t as good as spotify or youtube music.

Overall, RiMusic is a solid app that does its job of streaming music really well and nothing else.

You can download RiMusic from F-Droid


I guess on hearing ‘Spotify’, you are all ready to come at me with pitchforks.

The main reason why I use Spotify is because I love their recommendation system. I have discovered a lot of great songs on Spotify. There are a lot of good playlists to match your mood and taste. As mentioned earlier, RiMusic isn’t good at personalised recommendations. But I haven’t abandoned RiMusic yet.

I use the free plan and….boy…the free plan just sucks. You can’t even play a playlist/album in order or even srub through songs. Even the shuffle button is paywalled. I wonder, will spotify even offer a free plan in the future.

I can’t let go of RiMusic yet. I still need it to listen to songs offline, play an album in the exact order and etc.


I see SoundCloud as a different type of streaming service. One of the cool things about SoundCloud is that anyone can upload songs to the platform. It is a great place to find mashups, bootlegs and remixes.

I personally use it to listen to music while am studying. It has a large library of library of lofi and instrumental tracks.

Soundcloud is also great for discovering EDM, techno and bass boosted songs.

Yeah so these are the services I use. How do you listen to music? I’d love to know. Have a great day!

This is day 27 of #100DaystoOffload

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