April in review

What I did in the month of April

Last month, I did not publish a month in review because I was just feeling lazy (lol). So I have packed things I did in the last two months in this post.


Classes are going alright. I don’t really enjoy this semester. It is so hot and sitting in class in this heat is just unbearable. There is no other option but just to adjust to it.

I also had my internal exams and scored decent marks. But I am find it tough to study the paper - Computer Organization & Architecture.

Updates to the site

As you can see, I have switched to a new domain vachan.me which I am super thrilled about. But I don’t really know what I will do when it expires next year. It was included for free in the Github Student Pack.

You also probably noticed the 🥳 emoji in the nav bar. When you click on it, party mode is activated. Wohooo! You can click on it as much as you want. I am planning on adding even more easter eggs.



Last month, I listened to a lot of songs by Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Oliva Rodrigo and Ariana Grande.

I re-discovered the song Welcome to My Island and Bunny Is a Rider by Caroline Polachek.


Results of the third semester was published recently and I passed all subjects. Yayy! Now in a few more days, I will be writing fourth semester exams.

Finishing Thoughts

I think that is all the pretty much things I can remember.

I am behind the 100 Days to Offload Challenge. I need to push more posts to my blog to finish the challenge within a year.

So that is all. Have a great day people!

This is day 24 of #100DaystoOffload

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