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I am halfway through my college journey - completed four out of eight semesters

Hey So I just wrapped up my fourth semester and I am so excited, relieved and thrilled. This semester was somewhat short - not even my teachers could cover the entire syllabus. On top of that, preparing for the final examinations was kind of stressful and I just finished my exams two days ago.

I would consider this semester as a really boring semester, I really didn’t enjoy it.

In this semester, I studied

COA is the subject that I found the most difficult. I just couldn’t get myself to study it. DBMS on the other hand was actually manageable but it was really vast. Rest of the subjects were fine.

So far, I am kind of disappointed with the course I am studying. It was always my dream from 10th grade to become a developer. But all I study in college is a bunch of theoretical stuff. To be honest, I don’t really want to learn the inner workings of a computer. All I want to do is to create a cool app or a website.

I don’t know….maybe there will be something for me in the upcoming semesters.

How did my exams go?

Yeah….exams were alright. If you don’t know me, I am a person who learns everything in the last moment (Usually during the break before an exam).

I actually had plenty of days between exams so that was a big relief. But my university unexpectedly changed the entire examination timetable between our exams. This was a big slap in the face for everyone because it actually not only extended the whole examination period but also reduced the days between exams.

For me the sudden move made by the university was actually kind of a blessing because I got a few days to study for my engineering graphics supplementary paper. I am pretty sure I am going to pass the paper this time.

Remember how I said that COA was the subject that I dread the most? Well, the COA paper was alright and I am confident that I am going to clear that as well.

But out of all the exams, preparing for the Operating System paper was probably the most stressful because I had exactly one day to study five modules. Fortunately, I was actually able to cover about four modules and prepared for the exam pretty well.

A few of my friends also had arranged online classes on Discord and this actually was super helpful. I was able to answer many of the questions in the exam just because of studying with my bros.

Screenshot of a voice chat with my friends on discord

Group study with my friends on Discord

Wrapping up

During the first two semesters, preparing for exams was hectic but by the fourth semester I’ve gotten good at handling exams. I even managed to squeeze in time to watch Back to the Future 2 & 3(the entire BTTF trilogy is awesome) between all this studying. I’ve realized that as long as I put in hard work and prepare well, there is no need to worry too much. I know I will be able pass my exams(hopefully😅).

This is day 29 of #100DaystoOffload

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