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A group of people standing on stage with instruments in a concert.

Jassie Gift and team on stage

So day before yesterday (Sat March 16, 2024) our college arts fest came to an end. The name of the arts festival this year was ‘Thira’. Last year the name was ‘Drishya’. (Yes, every year there is a different name). It lasted three days. Thira 2K24 was inaugurated by an alumnus of our college.

Last year, a tech fest was held a day before arts. This year there was no tech fest.

Despite several challenges, our seniors did a great job in hosting the event. The campus was decorated and the events and competitions were all good. Also, the newly constructed open air auditorium was inaugurated.

I went only on the first and second day.

There were a lot of competitions - some of them were Bharatanatyam, Couples dance, group dance, band performance, Vanchipattu, Oppana, Duffmuttu. There were also writing and drawing competitions.

The main highlight of arts fest and what everyone eagerly waited for was the music concert. Jassie Gift, a Malayalam playback singer, was the main performer this year. Last year, Fejo came to our college.

The concert was awesome and we all had a great time. Jassie Gift came with band and the group performed a lot of great songs (malayalam, hindi and tamil songs). The sound and the lights elevated the whole concert.

Here are some photos

Note: Most of the photos in this post were taken by my friends. Therefore, I cannot license these photos under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Bharatanatyam, Indian classical dance

Bharatanatyam - Indian classical dance

A road leading uphill decorated with pennant bunting.


A large cotton cloth with height hung from a tree. There are a lot of handprints on the cloth with different cloth. Thira 2k24, name of the arts fest is written on the cloth on top of the handprints.

Thira 2K24 Banner

A group of musicians and their instruments on a stage..

Musicians on stage

This is day 14 of #100DaystoOffload

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