February in review

What I did in the month of February

A hand holding a glass filled to the brim with cold sugarcane juice made from sugarcane, lemon juice,ginger and sugar. There is also a paper straw in the glass.

A glass of refreshing sugar cane juice

Huh it’s already March. That was fast! And the heat is just unbearable.

I had my third semester lab exams (OOP in Java & Data Structures) at the beginning of this month and I was really anxious about it because this was actually my first lab exam. There were a lot of programs to study and I thought I would blank out at the middle of writing a program and or not even know how to do a program the examiner asked. But thankfully, I was able to perform pretty well in the exam and got the output for both the labs.

Valentine’s day coincided with my data structure exam and on the day before it, I discovered a site called the love calculator created by Aldrin Jenson. It asked the person who their crush is and after submitting the form it rickrolls the person. I really loved this harmless prank and decided to create a clone of it. It was really fun to make and I got good responses from my friends. You can read more about it here.

Since answer sheet evaluation was taking place, our college gave us a short break.

On the sanbed of Maramon

On the sanbed of Maramon

Maramon Convention, a week long Chrisitian convention held every year began that week and I went there and atteneded a few sessions. I also met a good number of people there.

I spent the rest of the days working on redesigning this website. Initially, I created this website using a theme called Nightfall. It is an alright theme but there were a some things about it which I didn’t like. I was able to fix most of the issues but in the end I decided to go with a new custom design. If you want to know more, check the post I wrote about the process. On top of that, this site has new pages like a Now page, and a Links page.

I also accidentally binge watched Attack on Titan season 2 and completed the season in a day. The show caught my attention and I just couldn’t stop watching it.

After the short vacation, classes began again. Compared to the previous semester, this sem is actually pretty boring. I am also finding a paper called Computer Organisation Architecture somewhat difficult.

This is day 11 of #100DaystoOffload

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