Fourth semester

All about the start of a new semester in college

I still find it hard to believe that I am already in the fourth semester. After two or three months, I will be stepping into my third year in college. Time sure flies!

The semester actually began on the 29th of January, about six days after my third sem final exams. So there wasn’t really a long break or anything. Not only that but I also had to write a supplementary exam for Engineering Graphics on the 30th. Unfortunately, I did not perform well in the exam. So I will most likely be attending the exam again in this sem.

Even though the third semester was completed, our lab exams for it hasn’t been completed and is scheduled to start in the first week of February. So I was busy writing the records during the short break.

Image caption: bollywood mode turned on

Image caption: bollywood mode turned on

In this semester, I have to learn the following courses

We also have 2 labs - Operating system & digital electronics

Classes are going alright. It still hasn’t gotten serious. Usually in the afternoon, we get free periods.

I also started playing volleyball with my friends during lunch break in the scorching sun. It is fun. :)

Image caption: playing volleyball

Image caption: playing volleyball

Goals for this term

These are some things I want to accomplish by the end of this term.

Wrapping Up

Overall, I hope this semester will go smoothly for me and I will be able to score good grades. Plus, I aspire on improving my coding skills.

This is day 6 of #100daystoOffload

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