How I keep track of tv shows, anime and movies

Just a quick little post on how I keep track of what I watch

Before joining college, I usually didn’t watch any TV shows or anime and I would watch a movie only once in a while. However after entering college, I discovered that most of my friends were really into shows and anime and they would urge me to watch stuff.

Since I watched episodes from different shows, I often lost track of which episode I watched last. So, I searched for a good TV trackng service. Here is what I found:

TV Shows & Movies


For tracking TV Shows and movies (no anime here), I use a platform called Trakt and it is great. Trakt can also help you share and discover new content.

Trakt has an official mobile app for Android and iOS. But there are also a bunch of third party apps from the community. I personlly use an app called Showly on my Android phone. Whenever, I finish watching an episode or movie, I open the app and mark the episode or movie as watched. Then the app syncs the data instantly with Trakt.

Trakt also gives useul insights like the most watched genere, amount of time watched and presents the data beautifully.

Simkl & TMDB

I use Simkl just for backing up my data from Trakt.

TMDB is used for creating custom lists, as Trakt doesn’t allow unlimited lists in their free plan.


Anilist is the platform of my choice for tracking anime. There are a quite a good number of other anime trackers as well. Use whatever you feel is comfortable for you. I really love the interface of Anilist, it is clean and simple.

If you want to see my profile, you can check it out here. Since I am not a huge fan, I only watch anime sometimes. There isn’t really anything on my profile. If you look careully, you can see that I still haven’t finished Death Note. Hehe:)

Don’t get too carried away

One of the problems with using these kind of tracking services is that you will probably end up watching several episodes and movies and in the end waste your precious time. I have been using Trakt for several months and there have been instances where I would binge-watch TV shows and movies just to boost my watch time statistics. At one point, I was obsessed with updating my watchlist, marking episodes as watched and so on.

This is day 5 of #100daystoOffload

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