Just start blogging

There is no need to be unsure about starting a blog.

It has been a couple of months since I launched this blog.

I was initially hesitant to start blogging because I would ask myself ‘What should I write about?’ or ‘Will anyone read what I write?’. Also the thought ’nothing interesting really happens in my life’ held me back from blogging.

But as I began to write and publish posts, I started to realize that I have experiences, thoughts and other things that I want to share with people.

Occassionally, something would happen in my life or I would do something that was worthy to be written about. I have published posts on topics which I never expected to write about.

Not only that, a few people also read my posts, which I am happy about.

So if you are stuck on deciding whether to start blogging or not, don’t be confused. Setup a blog and start writing. Do it. Just do it. You will naturally discover ideas and topics to write on along the way.

If you have time, do check out Start a fucking blog.

This is day 21 of #100DaystoOffload

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