Manjummel Boys

A heart-touching Malayalam survival thriller movie

2024 seems to be a good year for the malayalam cinema industry. A lot of great movies came out this year. (I haven’t watched all of them yet)

So today right after I came back from college, I decided to watch the malayalam survival-thriller movie Manjummel Boys on my phone. I have been eagerly waiting to watch this movie since its release in February. It was really popular and received positive reviews from people during its theatrical run.

Manjummel Boys is based on a real-life incident. A group of friends go on a trip to Kodaikkanal but then things take a wild turn when one of them falls into a pit.

I was left on the edge of my seat while I was watching this. The movie was highly engaging from the start and I lost track how much time had passed. I just couldn’t put my phone down.

Personally, as I watched the movie, I felt a mix of emotions. Many moments in the film made me cry. It delivered great levels of anxiety, fear and intensity.

In addition, friendship is a strong theme throughout the film and I could totally relate to it.

Cinematography and production was top-notch. Ajayan Chalissery did an excellent job in designing and making a realistic replica of the Guna Caves. But I do feel like the VFX could have been more realsitic.

To wrap things up, Manjummel Boys is a an awesome thriller movie. It is definetly a must watch. I would have enjoyed this movie even more, if I had watched this in theaters.

If you have seen it, I would love to hear from you.

Btw, this is my first film review, if you have any feedback, please e-mail me.

This is day 23 of #100DaystoOffload

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