My dreams for my website

What I wish my braindump to be like

When I started using Mastodon account 4 years ago, what really caught my attention was that most of the people on it had their own personal website. This was really cool!

I started my website at the end of last year. Since then, I have spent quite a lot of time writing posts and designing my website. Working on my blog has taught me so much!

First of all, I want people to learn something new from my website. I would like my site to be like a library. The content in here should inspire a person to try something new (it could be an app,a project, etc).

My website is a combination of things I have learned from looking at other individuals websites and reading their posts. It was because of users on Mastodon that I really felt the urge to create this site. It was because of someone who decided to write that post on ‘adding a last modified date or setting up a recent posts section’ that I now have these implemented on my site. Like this, I want to do the same thing to others.

I am also planning on set up a wiki as well so that I can share the things I learn and refer back to it when I need to.

Furthermore, I wish to showcase my skills and some of the small projects that I have done.

In addition to the above, I really want to write and publish a lot of posts here. That is why I decided to participate in the #100DaystoOffload challenge. I want to write posts about a lot of things (about my college, exams, good memories, new things I learned and so on) and not just technical posts.

In the future, I hope to come back to the posts that I wrote and be like “Hey, that was really cool!” or “Those were some good times” or “I shouldn’t have done that” and relive those moments.

Now, I am not a good writer but I really hope to improve my writing skills and improve my vocabulary.

Yeah, so that is really all…. I just want to help people and enjoy working on improving my space on the web.

This is day 16 of #100Daystooffload

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