ListenBrainz - A tool for music tracking

I use ListenBrainz to track my music playback history. Here are some cool things about it.

Listenbrainz is a service which you can use to track music that you listen to. It is an alternative to For the past few months, I have been using ListenBrainz and I really enjoy using it.

The great thing about this service is that most of the data is public and can be used by anyone for free. Also, no account is required for browsing through the global stats.

So what is cool about ListenBrainz?

How to get started with ListenBrainz?

On Android, you can use either the official ListenBrainz app or an app called PanoScrobbler. The official app is great but I often had issues with the app. Sometimes, it would not detect songs and other times tracked songs would not appear in ListenBrainz for some reason. PanoScrobbler, on the other hand, is a great app and it has some cool features the former doesn’t have.

In my browser (Mozilla Firefox), I use Web-Scrobbler browser extension to track my playback history. It supports scrobbling dozens of websites. I use the extension to record my listens from SoundCloud and YouTube Music.

If you use Spotify then you can directly connect your account with ListenBrainz and track your playback history.

You can also use plugins with VLC/MPV or a music player that has ListenBrainz integration.

If you are a nerd and you love looking at beautifully presented data and fancy graphs or you just want to gain insight into your music listening habits then ListenBrainz is a great option.

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