My website now has a new fresh look

I am currenly enjoying a short break from college and I used the time for revamping my website. I did change the appearence of this site a few weeks ago but that was nothing major. I wanted my website to have a little bit more of a personal touch.

The whole process actually took a lot more time than I expected and it is still not complete.

The site now has a new color scheme - a really nice teal color palette. I actually came across the palette while going through Tailwind CSS documentation.

The whole website is a culmination of things I love from blogs of other people.

Simple.css is used as the base for typograhy and spacing.

You might think ‘why does the navigation menu looks so familiar?’. Well, it is copied from Joel Chrono’s blog.

I also referred to the sites of Kev Quirk, Robb Knight, Arun and Simone Silvestroni.

The text (വചൻ) above the navigation bar is actually my name written in Malayalam, my mother tongue. The font used is RIT Kutty Bold.

I also added some new pages.

Furthere more, I added goatcounter analytics to get an idea on how many people visit my site. There is also now a reply via email button at the bottom of every post.

The whole process taught me a lot. Even though I reused most of the hugo code from the previous theme, I got a good grip on how Hugo works - about partials, pipes, directory structure, etc. I also gained insight on working with branches in git and using Sass for styling.

I really love how everything looks in the end. If you have any feedback, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Old design of this site

This is day 9 of #100daystoOffload

Last Updated On: Tue Mar 5, 2024

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